While I may expand upon this topic in a video later, I feel that urge to post something and while this does not pertain to any real current issue or hot topic, it is a notion in our evolving culture that must be properly framed. Techne is a Greek term that most closely means art or craft/craftsmanship, but as with many terms in Greek, it is not so easy to decipher its more nuanced definition. Techne may also refer to craftiness, too, which in Greek is easily morphed into trickery: the Greeks had a sense of humor that cared little for morality, so long as the end was amusing, and so a little trickery at another’s expense was not outside the scope of craftiness.

Stephen L. Talbott explains it well with a section of Homer’s Odyssey. (Paraphrasing: ) even without having read the entirety of the epic, most of us know of Odysseus’ overcoming  the cyclops. In his cunning, he tells the cyclops that he is called Nobody, but after he and his men have blinded the monster and later emerge from the womb-like cave into the world once more, he runs down to the beaches and shouts back at the cyclops, declaring himself to be Odysseus. Our notions of individuality come from techne–a child who is young will go about telling everybody everything there is to be said, he keeps no secrets because he sees no need to. But when we grow older, we begin to realize that we are something separate from our environment, and perhaps we may manipulate our surroundings to our own advantage, thus perhaps fibbing or keeping a secret becomes appealing. It is when we have learned to craft and be crafty that we may declare ourselves as individuals.

While we typical view the word “technology” as being a derivative of techne, it is clear that the most advanced forms of what we call technology today are something very different. Technology today is not always a tool of skill, but rather it replaces skill altogether, it does not just save labor but performs it wholly. For the average man, a great deal of technology does not let one do more, it only lets one do less. When the act of doing more with less becomes passe, shells begin to form around people which cloud their perceptions of their selves. It is capitalism and consumerism that have both delivered us to this disastrous end, when the people accept Cultural Marxism and don’t care about who or what they are anymore, don’t care about being White anymore. Progress, consumerism, capitalism, have all pushed men deeper and deeper into cities, away from the land, where community means little and our civilized nature is bombarded by the proximity of bars, stores, clubs, fast food, whatever, and hotbeds of political corruption burn fueled by the voting blocks of NAMs that must be fought for or against to control population centers.

What is clear in assessing the problems facing Westerners today is that we have outpaced ourselves in our ability to appropriately use technology–it has begun to hurt us more than it helps us, and in trying to shrink or escape the technosphere, we run against some of the largest elites in modern society: the millionaires and billionaires with fortunes built on people’s addictions. Is this a left-wing issue or a right-wing issue? I believe means to an end may exist on either side, but the end is generally this:

Because LISA and factory farming has reduced the quality of our food to the point of damaging health (see weakened immune systems, damaged sperm quality, etc.) for the sake of lower prices that are agreeable to the consumerist economy, we Must instead create more small farms and overturn the existing market (further, small farms had ought to face far fewer regulations compared to factory farms, as small business entities and peasants are beyond the necessary scope of government; this will further assist in overturning the existing market).

Because populations have become concentrated in American cities, often creating urban majority classes with little property to rule over rural minority classes who own more property, state and federal government (chiefly the offices of governors, senators, and indeed presidents) have come to legislate in the name of urban populations, and vie for the favor of the non-white, urban underclasses what make up as much as 80% of the population of some cities and often upwards of %40 of others, and discard the whites living in the countryside; we therefor Must resettle the rural united states to effectively break ourselves free from the orbits of Black cities, and in doing so form stronger bonds between white neighbors that depend on one another for services and production, better unifying our politics and doubly preventing corruption.

I will say this: the left will be opposed to this. They have done everything to portray those dwelling in the countryside as lowly folks of ill repute, they will call it white flight and guilt-trip folks into living alongside races that they are simply not compatible with, they will do anything to keep urban majorities. And to fight that, we must educate folks, both on the left and the right, because I do believe there are well-meaning liberals who will approve of rural resettlement for the two main reasons I have given, racial attitudes besides. It is the political elite on the left who will oppose it.

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