And Just Like That, The Narrative Changes

I wish Milo Yiannopoulos had fallen from grace under different circumstances, but that’s a luxury we don’t have. It’s safe to say that nobody on the hard right cared about what he was saying, a lot of us have some qualms with the “free speech” he touts, and (because his opinions and speeches were nothing new or original in the sphere of conservatism or otherwise the right wing) the fact that his gauche, flamboyant, decadent lifestyle was his source of income had many on the right waiting for him to crash. I’d hoped it was going to be different, though–he sells out, goes left, starts some doomed-to-fail media campaign. I’m never happy to see someone’s entire image destroyed by another’s subversion and hypocrisy.


Milo’s statements, which I don’t feel need summarization, were not new, they were pulled from a podcast recorded a year ago. Undoubtedly, after the clip was discovered by someone in the leftist media, a coordinated effort by media outlets to destroy Milo’s reputation and image was conducted. Something similar was attempted with PewDiePie on YouTube recently, with the Wall Street Journal disseminating malicious, deceptive information about the entertainer to other leftist sites who parroted their character assassination piece time and again. Showing the left’s endless capacity for coordination, the gossip site Salon removed all of its pro-pedophilia articles, including one written by its open, pedophile writer Todd Nickerson quickly, though most people remembered it anyway–still, they tried.

What this reveals once again is this: while the right faces much infighting amongst its many factions and public faces (too many great personalities and witty minds for our own good over here), the left has been organized in their efforts from the beginning, they destroyed the Bernie voters and they had planned to do so from the start; the only times last year they choked were when leaks of their concerted activities came out. As a result, they are not only able to mitigate damage rapidly, they have now shown their ability to carry out attacks too. And us exposing the machinery does not halt the machine, I’m afraid.

Because of their organization and ability to write, maintain, and switch narratives at will (even if it means completely reversing opinions as shown here), we fail when we try to play their games with their rules against them. Popular failures that resulted in trying to out-left the left include:

  • “Democrats are the real racists!” Or D3R; we are the racists, or at least the race realists; own it
  • “Based black guy/gay guy/hispanic guy/woman etc.” Trying to prove we have more minority support than the left when over 90% of blacks still vote for them
  • “Antifa are the real fascists!” No, we’re the real fascists; calling anti-fascists fascists and using a Winston Churchill quote as proof is stupid

Remember this: they will call you racist, and call racism bad; if you call them racist, they will then say that some kinds of racism are acceptable, but yours is still bad. Because the left decides the definition of racism, it is pointless to call them racists, and so on. While we indeed must organize at some point to deflect their attacks, we need to actually begin loading some salvos of our own. Yes, the people who claim to be ready for the Race War have gone to war with the leftist media with no offensive strategy and no defensive strategy; meanwhile they’ve been perfecting yellow journalism for a century.

  • Call them Communists, not Fascists, and then remind everyone that Fascism killed 270,000 people (see newly released IRC Holocaust findings) while Communism killed 100 Million. Remind everyone that Fascism saved Germany and Italy from crumbling economics while Communism and Capitalism nearly ended the world with nuclear war.
  • Tell them that they are ignoring the realities of racial diversity, that black people in America have an average IQ of 85 and on average they will fail in a white society, and that they would be much more successful in a society of their own . I know many of you want to exterminate this race or that race, but for now you will have to be satisfied with segregation, so insist that you don’t hate them, you just want them to have their own nations and cultures instead of having to compete in ours.
  • Call them out when they aren’t using arguments. Protests, marches, riots, etc. are not counter arguments to our political statements. Riots and protests are the manifestations of the left’s deep pockets and organizational infrastructure. We can’t fight against it, we should simply disarm it. A protest does literally nothing; approach it as such.

If it seems like I don’t really care about Yiannopoulos, you’d be right to say I don’t find his decline important. This is partly to deflect damage. They are trying to take down prominent figures in the right, or at least in the non-left. If it does not affect me, I’ll keep rolling on ahead, choosing only to observe and learn from it.

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