Democracy & Competition

Allow me to briefly take a stab at “Classical Liberals”, those who use the trending label to make themselves sound enlightened despite being political centrists or center-leaning (a group of people typically, rightly thought as being ineffective and of no importance; they are hence extremely vocal about being Classical Liberals in order to sound effective and important): they’re championing of a more-or-less free, Capitalist market driven by competition is absolutely at odds with their love of Democracy, which is a system utterly confounded by the presence of competing interests.

Democracy is built on cooperation with the goal of allocating resources to the most important issues, not on the competition of groups with mutually exclusive ends which require their costs to be born on the shoulders of others. Our archaic genetics have not converged to a unified blueprint; races are each very distinct from one another both physically and mentally. Part of those archaic genetics are evolved reproductive strategies formed by environmental factors which have in turned formed the societal and familial structures of each ethnic group. When a people share the same reproductive strategy, the so-called “Marketplace of Ideas” may fulfill the role of developing new ideas that are conducive to that strategy. When a Democracy is shared by different ethnicities with different reproductive strategies (and I do not simply mean Africans and Europeans, I mean the commercially minded Dutch versus the Martial Germans, for example), the marketplace of ideas becomes dominated by whatever group outbreeds the other and therefor raises the preeminence of their strategy, which is not necessarily conducive to civilization as a whole (Africans manage to outbreed all other people, yet cannot develop any semblance of civilization).

Unfortunately for those who support Democracy, the bitter pill to swallow is that all the fanciful talk of morals and intellectualism are thin veils draped over the competition of reproductive strategies, a masking of the Truth of the human animal which seems to confound their enlightenment ideals (for the enlightenment demands that they delineate and not think holistically). And to those who insist that Democracy persist, but be kept logical and rational: there is no denying that even then, the politician with the best oratory and rhetorical faculties would overcome the odds of logic and the marketplace of ideas by sheer force of charisma (confounded human animal). In America, certainly, our Republic has become an arena in which competing groups vie to steal money (to benefit their reproductive strategy) from one another armed with the state and its weaponized agencies. It is a disgusting and chaotic display to watch. White men and married women vote for the Right; low-IQ, R-Selective non-whites and single women vote for the Left. Can you not see, Classical Liberals, that this is a competition between groups with separate reproductive strategies which will be won by the side that outbreeds the other? The Left wants to keep giving money to single mothers and immigrants from R-Selective races (even if they come illegally) so that they may outbreed the opposition and conquer the nation with their strategy.

Our goal is not to have competing interest groups rip apart the government or overrun it with mob rule; the only objective is to defend the reproductive strategy of the nuclear family from those who would destroy it and the white race. That is the metric by which policy should be judged and pursued.

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