Do You Hear Them, Now?

If the London attack had occurred in any other city or town of England, it would have been three times the tragedy. Because beyond the ideologically walled city of London, the English people are fighting for their sovereignty and for an end to these attacks, while the people of London, most of them, are fighting for EU membership, for open borders, for socialism and/or democracy. They elected a mayor with ties to terrorist and radical Islamist figures, who has already banned advertisements of women with too much exposed skin, who has already funneled nearly 2 Million pounds into a permanent police taskforce to imprison those who “annoy” Muslims online, who has called “moderate” Muslims domesticated “Uncle Toms”, and who has called terrorist attacks “Part and parcel” of living in his city. They live in a world of their own design. Do not mistake me: the victims do not deserve death, and the children and spouses of those killed will not just go about their day and stay strong the way Theresa May tells them to. Their lives will never be the same. The officer murdered by this Muslim animal did not deserve to die for protecting the city, he at least deserved the freedom of carrying a gun, which is what stopped the attacker only afterwards.

I used to live in an apartment building just minutes away from where the attack occurred, my partner and I would take walks by the Parliament Building. We don’t live in London anymore, the East-side has become overrun by immigrants, who now harass and encroach upon anyone else in the city who doesn’t make enough money to move out of the slums, and who cannot afford the private security detail of personal, armed guards that politicians like Theresa May can. To those people who would give anything to make London a British city again and cast out the filthy masses of foreigners, of Muslims, I am sorry, because they are forced to contend with hordes of leftists that have no end, with hordes of Muslims who are out-breeding their kin rapidly–they are the casualties of Democracy.


The Turkish president Erdogan, who is attempting to expand his powers as head of state and centralize control of the nation in his hands by way of a constitutional referendum in April, warned Europeans that they “will not walk safely on the streets” shortly before the attack. This was in response to the Dutch and German governments forbidding of Turkish campaigning in their country. Erdogan, for those who do not know, has been campaigning for a ‘yes’ vote in the referendum by sending diplomats to European countries with large Turkish populations and holding rallies for their votes. Austria has joined the Netherlands and Germany in outlawing this, and rightly so, but none of these countries have proceeded further.

Erdogan had told Turks living in Europe to begin out-breeding the native populations, to have several children and to make countries like Germany their new “homeland”. This is a declaration of war by Turkey, do not think it is anything but. Calling for the displacement of the entire German people from their country is a call for genocide. After a very, very brief peace with the West, the Turks are now attempting to conquer Europe once more. The Europeans seem to believe that the wars of not even a century ago are ancient history, and that their enemy for many centuries is now simply done fighting. Erdogan, in threatening the nations of Europe with Muslim attacks, with migrant floods, and with his current attempt at consolidating power of the state is attempting to make himself the most powerful ruler in all of Europe. His ploys to gain EU membership have been nothing more than attempts at taking it over from within. And this must now be drilled into the heads of Europeans: The Turk is your Enemy, The Turk is your Enemy … Because if they forget this, as many have done already, they will be overrun.

Whereas Geert Wilders, despite being a supporter of Democracy, has told the Turkish people that they will never be European, and that they do not hold any values in common with the peoples of Europe, Theresa May meekly stated that London will always be a place for people of other religions, of other ethnicities, to come and make their own. She made no call for nationalism, she made no criticism of Islam. She and the conservative party are weak, and useless; they are as ineffective as the conservative party in America, and they are the enemy of the Right. Despite being useful in removing the UK from the EU, she has made it clear, repeatedly, that she is a globalist liberal in the vein of Tony Blair who wants nothing more than to welcome foreigners to her country. And so to all the English people, the workers, the backbone of the nation who are fighting for their self-determination and sovereignty: it’s not over yet. Theresa May will not protect you, not when she stands shoulder to shoulder with the Muslim mayor of London.

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