Esoteric Whiteness

In a previous post I attempted a summary of spirituality as it pertains to Fascism and why even if one is an outright materialist, one would do well to acknowledge the role religion plays in any culture. It’s something akin to being redpilled on the Holocaust:

“The Holocaust was real!” -> “The Holocaust wasn’t real!” -> “The Holocaust wasn’t real, but it should have been.”

That is,

“God is real!” -> “God is dead!” -> “God is dead, but the idea should be kept alive.”

And this is something Fascists throughout the 20th century understood, and have come to terms with. What is most interesting are how third step in the latter example can loop back around to the first in compromise, or rather a re-understanding of terms. D. H. Lawrence (an Animist) in particular had the right idea–what I have found to be the most compelling and comprehensive understanding of natural world in spiritual terms, as I shall try to outline.

Being unable to comprehend anything besides the sliver of reality that is our planet, the moon, and the images of celestial objects around it, let God be Nature: the living world. Mankind has over the course of millions of years of evolution slowly become the most perfect and clear realization of God in the flesh, a product of his own existence. In today’s terms, the White Race, by its ability to rule over nature and all other living things, has become the preeminent manifestation of God, more so than all other races, and as such, or perhaps by such, the White Man has become the ruler over all other races by Right. You could say our inclination to innovate, conquer, and prosper is our natural tendency towards divinity, or enlightenment in Buddhist terms.

On the other hand, while the White Man’s divinity is represented by his achievements, the Jew has created nothing in the entirety of his existence as a race. Despite achieving high literacy rates and high IQ through eugenic practices long before any other race became comparably intelligent, they have remained parasites on various kingdoms of various races, because the Jew is a race divorced of any holy spirit or noble soul, thus naturally lacking the ability to create, and having only the intelligence to parasitize. For this reason in particular the Jews envy the Whites and their divinity, and have for centuries preyed upon them (more so today than ever before) in an attempt to ultimately destroy the White Race and usurp its divinity and providence. I would go so far as to say there can ultimately be no coexistence between the two, and while the White Man may tolerate and firmly control impure races magnanimously (as many a father would do their sons), the Jew has become so devoid of nature that it can only either destroy or be destroyed. Through intellect the Jew might dominate and control all lesser races and pretend to be God, but the White Race, the true God, is the only one which would oppose them, and it must lest the Jew steer us into more World Wars, more Usury, in its sacrilegious campaign.

Just as any god is only as powerful as the people’s belief in it (indeed, Yahweh never seemed to have much control over the Inca), the White Race is only as strong as its people believe it to be, and if the truth of our glory is suppressed, then we lose control over our demesne. To be White is to be divine; our duty is to eugenically enhance our race–destroy its criminals and degenerates, its elements of decadence and sloth–to further its enlightenment and ascendancy.

I find that any religion created by the White Man or appropriated and refitted to him serves as a valid interfacing between the mortal man and his immortal, divine spirit. And so whether by prayer or by meditation or ritual etc., any appropriate practice can satisfy and benefit the spiritual sector of the White mind. Though it simply helps that most of us be on the same page and pursuing God through the same or similar means, strengthening our collective unconscious in the unified pursuit of Philemon if I may borrow from Jung momentarily.

I know this all hasn’t much to do with politics directly, and I would typically keep things focused on just that. But it can be draining to us all to be so absorbed in worldly, interpersonal affairs. If the racial nature of our conflict is all to be ultimately brought to the forefront of worldly affairs, then we must understand our Race with the clarity which the Jew does his own. And saying it now, I also feel as though my videos and posts have all remained relatively non-racial, making passes at the superiority of whites in material affairs; so I will conclude by stating it outright: The White Man is the Lord of both his home and (collectively) the natural world, from which he has been born and perfected; and we all must come to understand this one way or another in order to become who we are meant to be on this Earth.

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