Mint & Citrus is a personal blog concerned with political discourse and western history, as well as its cultures. The ideas expressed here are Fascist at heart, and guaranteed free of degeneracy. I invite anyone to read or watch, and welcome all counter-arguments, but so-called Intellectuals receive no special treatment, as character merits respect above all else.

Specifically, I am concerned with the regional applications of Fascism. America under Fascism would be very different from Italy under Fascism, or Germany under Fascism. Language and culture dictate the form of government. I believe that in the United States, given its history and zeitgeists, is fertile ground for a Fascist government that is both small in scope, but all-powerful within its jurisdiction. Naturally people associate Fascism with massive, all-controlling states as if they were Communist-styled, planned economies. I hope that fascisme américain will capture the attention of American Constitutionalists and true, fundamental Jeffersonians, and soon bring about a new, politic realization of the American notion.

This day demands a union of nationalist minds.