The Farmer Submits

The UK snap election which was resolved as of this morning (10th June) demonstrates another failure of democratizing a system of rule. Whether one is mad because his party didn’t do well or mad because he could find no party to represent him in the first place, it is better to simply come clean and … More The Farmer Submits

Esoteric Whiteness

In a previous post I attempted a summary of spirituality as it pertains to Fascism and why even if one is an outright materialist, one would do well to acknowledge the role religion plays in any culture. It’s something akin to being redpilled on the Holocaust: “The Holocaust was real!” -> “The Holocaust wasn’t real!” -> “The … More Esoteric Whiteness

Factual Versus Valid

While I never planned any kind of series of videos out from the beginning, I do have a video in the works which seems to progress right from my previous one, which progressed from the previous as well–all this business of social justice psyops and globalist exploitation of emotional non-arguments has really struck a chord … More Factual Versus Valid

Democracy & Competition

Allow me to briefly take a stab at “Classical Liberals”, those who use the trending label to make themselves sound enlightened despite being political centrists or center-leaning (a group of people typically, rightly thought as being ineffective and of no importance; they are hence extremely vocal about being Classical Liberals in order to sound effective … More Democracy & Competition

The Esoteric Truth

Fascism is the pursuit of governance in accordance to the truth, responsive to the world as it truly is, not as we would like it to be or pretend it to be. Yet the Enlightenment, which birthed modern Liberalism’s ideals, was itself an apparent search for the truth–embracing free will and rejecting mysticism etc. But … More The Esoteric Truth

AND/OR Fascism

To the best of my knowledge, none have written so well of the nature of American Fascism as Ezra Pound, and it is his book Jefferson AND/OR Mussolini that most thoroughly explains his way of thinking towards it. His is the notion that Fascist leaders simply do what is necessary in their given countries, and that if … More AND/OR Fascism