The Esoteric Truth

Fascism is the pursuit of governance in accordance to the truth, responsive to the world as it truly is, not as we would like it to be or pretend it to be. Yet the Enlightenment, which birthed modern Liberalism’s ideals, was itself an apparent search for the truth–embracing free will and rejecting mysticism etc. But … More The Esoteric Truth


While I may expand upon this topic in a video later, I feel that urge to post something and while this does not pertain to any real current issue or hot topic, it is a notion in our evolving culture that must be properly framed. Techne is a Greek term that most closely means art or craft/craftsmanship, … More Techne

AND/OR Fascism

To the best of my knowledge, none have written so well of the nature of American Fascism as Ezra Pound, and it is his book Jefferson AND/OR Mussolini that most thoroughly explains his way of thinking towards it. His is the notion that Fascist leaders simply do what is necessary in their given countries, and that if … More AND/OR Fascism

America, Trump, and The Causes of The Present Nation

I’m quite a fan of Ezra Pound, not only for his criticisms of the Left, but also his praise of Fascism, to the point of his defection to Italy. Borrowing a title of his, I’d like to remind liberals that the current public outcry that resulted in Trump’s election is the result of their own … More America, Trump, and The Causes of The Present Nation